Format of Play

  1. The adidas golf Wee Wonders Regional Qualifiers and Regional Finals will be played using strokeplay scoring, with the competitor returning the lowest gross score over 9 holes being the winner. All ties are resolved through count back. (The Grand Final will be strokeplay over three rounds of 9 holes for B5-6, B7-8, G5-8 & G9-10 on the Balgove, and two rounds of 18 holes for B9-10, B11-12 & G11-12 on the Strathtyrum. The overall winners will be those with the lowest aggregate score).
  2. Competitors are NOT required to have a handicap or be a member of a golf club in order to compete in the adidas golf Wee Wonders Championships.
  3. No Late Entries will be taken
  4. If there is a tie for an award in any category, we will have a countback to decide the result. Based on the standard system applying better inward half, the countback will be over last 9,6,3,1 for Regional Qualifiers and Regional Finals. If after each of these countbacks the competitors are equal, there will be a hole by hole play-off, starting from the first hole until a winner is declared.
  5. Countback in the Grand Final will be over the last round.
  6. The first 3 people from each category will progress to the Regional Final and 2 from each category from the Regional Finals to the Grand Finals.
  7. Starting Groups: All starting groups will be in 2’s or 3’s only and will be played in their own age groups. In the event of a single player in an age group they will be slotted in to the nearest age group.
  8. Tees. All competitors within each category will play from the same tees.
  9. Bunkers. After three failed attempts to play from a bunker, a competitor may throw his or her ball nearer the hole. There will be no penalty, but the three failed strokes will count as strokes.
  10. Maximum strokes per hole. Not more than ten strokes in total may be taken at any hole, including a maximum of four putts on any green. If a competitor reaches the maximum number of strokes for that hole, they will enter 10 on their card and progress to the next hole. If they have reached the maximum no of putts for that hole, they will enter their score plus the 4 putts on their card and progress to the next hole.
  11. Air Shots. Air shots will count towards a competitor’s score.
  12. Advice. Information communicated to competitors must only be on rules and procedural issues. Competitors must make their own decisions on issues that affect the way in which the shot is played. If a parent or supervisor feels that someone within their group is in breach of this rule, they must report it to an on-course marshal or the event organiser immediately. Breach of this rule, in the first instance will result in the competitor and parent/supervisor receiving a verbal warning. A subsequent breach will result in the competitor being given a 2-stroke penalty.
  13. Distance measuring devices ARE ALLOWED at Regional Qualifiers, Regional Finals and the Grand Final.