Information for Parents/Supervisors

  1. To ensure the smooth running of our events, we require a parent or another adult (over 18) nominated by the parent, to act as a Supervisor for each child on the course. A Supervisor does not require a full knowledge of the Rules of Golf, but some knowledge would be helpful. The role is chiefly to keep the player’s score and to supervise their behaviour on the course. The parent or nominated adult is permitted to carry a bag for 5 and 6 year old competitors only. Information communicated to competitors must only be on rules and procedural issues. Competitors must make their own decisions on issues that affect the way in which the shot is played i.e. club selection or shot selection. If a parent or supervisor feels that someone within their category is in breach of this rule, they must report it to an on-course marshal or the event organiser immediately. Breach of this rule, in the first instance will result in the competitor and parent/supervisor receiving a verbal warning. A subsequent breach will result in the competitor being given a 2-stroke penalty.
  2. Please make sure you are familiar with our Wee Wonders Rules before arriving at the Wee Wonders Qualifier venue. If you have any queries on the day, please ask the Event Organiser.
  3. No Late Entries will be taken
  4. Thirty minutes before the match: please check in with the Event Organiser, where you will receive your official scorecard.
  5. Ten minutes before your match: please make your way to the first tee and introduce yourself to the other Supervisors and players in your group.
  6. On completing each hole, please agree the score with each of the other Supervisors and players, and record it on the scorecard.
  7. When all players in your match have finished, please go to the Registration Desk with all your players, where the scorecard, together with any necessary additional information, will be checked and agreed with you.