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Rules of play

Wee Wonders Rules of Play

The Wee Wonders Championships will be played under the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews Rules of Golf, except in respect of the matters and circumstances referred to below, in which case the Wee Wonders Championships Rules and Conditions published here will apply.

  1. Bunkers. After three failed attempts to play from a bunker, a competitor may throw his or her ball nearer the hole. There will be no penalty, but the three failed strokes will count as strokes.
  2. Maximum strokes per hole. No more than ten strokes in total may be taken at any hole, including a maximum of four putts on any green. If a competitor reaches the maximum number of strokes or putts for that hole, they will progress to the next hole.
  3. Air Shots. Air shots will count towards a competitor’s score.
  4. Advice. Information communicated to competitors must only be on rules and procedural issues. Competitors must make their own decisions on issues that affect the way in which the shot is played. If a parent or supervisor feels that someone within their category is in breach of this rule, the first action should be to raise it with the fellow supervisor immediately and try to resolve the issue. If you are unable to find a resolution, you must report it to an on-course marshal or the event host as soon as possible. Breach of this rule, in the first instance will result in the competitor and parent/supervisor receiving a verbal warning. A subsequent breach will result in the competitor being given a 2-stroke penalty.
  5. Distance measuring devices. Distance measuring devices are allowed at Regional Qualifiers and the Grand Final.
  6. Assistance with golf bags. All competitors are permitted to use trolleys, but for 5-6 year olds only, the parent or nominated adult is permitted to assist with the pushing of a trolley or carrying of a bag.  Assistance with a bag or trolley is not allowed in other age categories and any breach of this rule will be given a verbal warning followed by a 2 stroke penalty for further breaches.  Supervisors of 5 to 6 year olds only can assist with teeing up and tending flags but should stay off the greens at all other times.  Players must carry their own umbrellas unless otherwise advised by the organisers on the day. In certain circumstances (e.g. extreme weather), the host venue may permit competitors in all age categories to have a parent or nominated adult assist with bags / trolleys. This will be at the host venue’s discretion and decided on the day of the event.
  7. Tied Scores. If there is a tie for an award in any category, we will have a countback to decide the result. Based on the standard system applying better inward half, if the best score for the last nine holes does not separate out a winner, then the final six holes are used, and, if that still fails to provide a definitive outcome, the final three holes. If a tie still persists then the score on the final hole is used. If after each of these countback’s the competitors are equal, there will be a hole by hole play-off, starting from the first hole until a winner is declared. Countback in the Grand Final will be over the final round.
  8. Queries & Resolutions. If a parent or supervisor has a query or believes there has been a breach of the rules, they must report it to an on-course marshal or the event organiser immediately and it must be resolved on the day