Does my choice of regional qualifier determine my regional final?

Yes. You can only play in a regional final if you have qualified from that region.

I’ve missed the closing date, can I have a late entry?

No. All events close 1 week prior to the event taking place, however there are many opportunities to play in other events. All event dates and closing dates are in the 2018 Championships Schedule page.

When will I know the Draw/Tee Times?

The draw will be made 4/6 days prior to the event taking place, tee times will be available on the Golf Genius Portal and on the website around 5 days prior to the event taking place.

The order of play will always be Boys 11-12, Girls 11-12, Boys 9-10, Girls 9-10, Boys 7-8, Girls 5-8, Boys 5-6. Play will be in 3’s (or 2’s). Tee times may be 8, 9, or 10 minutes apart.

Can I enter more that one Regional Qualifier?

Yes, you can enter as many Regional Qualifying competitions as you wish. These can be all from one region or from different regions.

Can I play more that one Regional Final?

Yes, If you have qualified to play in more than one Regional Final you may play in all that you qualify for.

If you qualify for a Regional Final twice from the same region you will take the place you qualified for first and the second place you qualified for will offer the place to the next placed person in that qualifier.

How do I progress to the Grand Final?

The first 3 from each age group will progress from the Regional Qualifier to the Regional Final, then the first 2 from each age group in the Regional Final will progress to the Grand Final.

Rules of reserves will follow.

Are there any exemptions from qualifying for 2018 events?

Yes, 1st-3rd placed players from each age group from 2017 adidas golf Wee Wonders Grand Final will be invited directly to the 2018 Grand Final.

4th-6th placed players from each age group 2017 adidas golf Wee Wonders Grand Final will be invited directly to your nearest 2018 Regional Final.

What age group I will be in?

You will be in one of the following age groups B11-12, G11-12, B9-10, G9-10, B7-8, G5-8 OR B5-6. Your age group is determined by your age on 1st September of the year you are competing in. e.g. if you are competing in 2018 and you are 9 on the 1st September 2018 you will be in the 9-10 age group.


Wee Wonders Golf - FAQHow can I enter the US Kids Golf European Championships 2018?

If you played in the 2017 Wee Wonders Grand Final, you will receive an invitation to play in the European Championships, which take place in East Lothian in May/June 2018.  You will be sent a code in Dec/Jan so that you can register online.

If your child has not received an invitation to enter the US Kids Golf European Championship, either by playing in the Wee Wonders Grand Final, or by playing in a previous US Kids event, you can apply to enter by emailing [email protected].  You need to list your child’s golfing achievements and providing they meet the scoring requirements, you will be sent a code so that you can register online at  You can find the scoring requirements on the US Kids website, click on Tournaments, International, European Championships and then Scoring Exemptions on the left hand side.  You can see the yardages by clicking on Age Groups and Yardages on the left hand side.  Please note that you will not hear from US Kids until the deadline for the registration period for invited players is over.  This is usually sometime in March.